Screenplay PLAY DEAD -- Available on The Black List

Here's what The Black List says about my spec screenplay PLAY DEAD:

 "The script is a smart, thrilling update of Agatha Christie’s play “Ten Little Indians” (aka “And Then There Were None”). The original pick-em-off horror thriller is brilliantly incorporated into the script both as a structural formula and as an actual clue in the murders. A new viable suspect arises at every turn, and not even death exonerates the teens. The pacing is taut and brisk from the first man down to the very end. The twists, the reveals, the ever-changing suspicions all make for a very exciting ride that builds to a virtually flawless climax which pays homage to both Christie’s book and its stage adaptation. The script was impossible to put down from start to finish.

This script is a perfect candidate for the next low-budget thriller. Though it is not as horror driven as some recent successes, it has enough to be viable in that realm while bringing in psychological thriller aspects that could expand the audience even further. The pedigree of Christie’s work is evident in the fantastic plotting – once the story kicks into gear, it never lets up. The script is a smarter-than-average edge-of-your-seat teen thriller with contained environs that will keep the budget at a level where even VOD alone could make the film a success."