Beverly Hills, California – November 26, 2018

Hollywood Animation Studios, a high-tech producer of both live action and animated films, has announced their intention to create a musical stage play based on the life of famed rock guitarist and songwriter Jimi Hendrix. 

The play will be written by Michael Spartan and George D. Morgan, directed by Michael Spartan, and will use a wide range of Hendrix’s music and personal writings. A collaboration agreement was signed by the two on November 13th. 

“It’s a privilege to have this opportunity to bring Jimi’s music and work to both his fans and to a new generation,” said Spartan. 

Spartan and Morgan bring together almost a century of combined music and theatre experience.

“Through the creation and production of this play,” said Morgan, “we promise to honor Jimi’s legend and legacy.”

The studio will license music from Jimi Hendrix’s extensive song catalog for both stage and film. An animated feature film version of the same story is currently underway and should begin pre-production in May of 2019.   Morgan is also the co-screenwriter for the film.

An opening date and venue for the play has yet to be announced.



New York -- March 5, 2019

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first Moon landing Prometheus Books will publish George D Morgan's latest non-fiction book To The Moon and Back: How America Achieved History's Greatest Adventure.

The book will be released November, 2019, and relates the history of the U.S. space program from Robert Goddard through Apollo 11 and the first Moon landing. 

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BOOK CONTRACT SIGNED: On March 5, 2019 I signed a contract with Prometheus for my next book: To The Moon and Back: How America Achieved History's Greatest Adventure.  Pub date has yet to be announced but I expect it around the end of the year.

ANOTHER CONTEST WINNER:  My pitch and treatment for adapting my book ROCKET GIRL to film won 2nd Place this month in the Script Pipeline Great Movie Idea contest.  Here's where you can find their announcement:  

NEXT BOOK PROJECT: I recently began work on a biography of Leon Russell.  Anyone having any information they think would be germane for such a book please contact me .  My contact info is at the bottom of this page.

BOOK SALES: As of August, 2018, Rocket Girl passed 12,500 copies in sales !!

Also: the audio book version of Rocket Girl in now available.  Go to and search for Rocket Girl Audio Book and it will pop right up.

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SEPT. 16, 2019: ROCKET GIRL public presentation at the McKinney Library, McKinney, Texas.  More info to follow.

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Oct. 24:  Power Point presentation on Rocket Girl to the entire student body of Cornelia Connelly High School. Anaheim, California.

Oct. 25 LitCrawl, Los Angeles at the Dog Haus.  Read first chapter of Rocket Girl.

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